Massacre of Drenica
Children and Woman
Special Edition

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Massacre in Drenica - aftermath (corpses toll, updated with the morgue)

Over 11 children, 11 women and 5 old people among 46 corpses

Skėnderaj, march 9 (ARTA) 1600 CET

46 human corpses, including 11 children (from 3 to 10 years old), 11 women and 5 old people (above 70), is the present toll of the Serb police attack on the village of Prekaz, in the troubled Kosova region of Drenicė, (40 km west of Prishtina), local "Koha Ditore" souces confirms.

29 out of 46 corpses, all local Albanian villagers, are identified, while three others corpses cannot be identified, since being completely burnt.

Three other victims are placed in a nearby house, CDHRF office in Skėnderaj reports, while the burial of another victim took place in the village of Llausha on Sunday.

The corpses are exposed at a construction material depot, guarded by the Serb police in Skėnderaj. Most of the bodies have wounds presumable caused by large calibre weapons, as well as burning marks. Police in Skėnderaj expects two more corpses to be brought from the Prishtina morgue, stating that the number of slaughtered could be higher, including those suspected to have died while running away at a nearby forests.


Following is the list of 29 identified corpses:

1) Qazim Osman Jashari
2) Nazmi Zukė Jashari
3) Sinan R. Jashari
4) Zarife Jashari (female)
5) Zaha Jashari (female)
6) Kushtrim Jashari
7) Ali Jashari
8) Osman Geci
9) Faik Jashari
10) Adem Shaban Jashari
11) Beqir Jashari
12) Sherif Jashari
13) Hazer Jashari
14) Halit Jashari
15) Halil Jashari
16) Bahrije Jashari (female)
17) Ferid Jashari
18) Besim Hamzė Jashari
19) Blerim Zemė Jashari
20) Bujar Zemė Jashari
21) Abdullah Zemė Jashari
22) Elhame Jashari (female)
23) Murtez Zymer Jashari
24) Fatime Gashi (female)
25) Makvirete Bajrami (female)
26) Gazmend Bajram Gashi
27) Sadik Miran Kaqkini
28) Myftar Rreci
29) Isak Halili (from Dubovc, a guest in Prekaz)


Names of other victims, as well as the precise age, sex and profile of all killed people will be provided in our forthcoming reports.



Kosova: Drenica massacre - aftermath (victims)

Corpses of over 50 victims sent to Drenica

Their burial is scheduled for tomorrow

Skėnderaj, 9 March (ARTA) -- 1530 CET

Skėnderaj received on Monday the corps of the victims of the five-day Serb police crackdown in Prekaz, the village in Drenica,

Corpses were until Monday at Prishtina city morgue.

At around 2200CET, Sunday, Serb police informed the representatives of the local branch of the Council for the Defence of Human Rights and Freedoms (CDHRF) and the head of the medical unit in Skėnderaj, to come and pick up the corpses of the victims.

The corpses were transported on a truck and, according to unconfirmed sources, there are about 60 victims. However, as our sources inform, the police does not have the precise list of the victims. It is even believed that more than the half of them are unidentified.

The police demanded the CDHRF to bring in citizens and relatives for the identification of the victims, so they can be buried. The police have guaranteed safety to them. However, the police also said that the victims have to be taken away as soon as possible and they have to be buried all in one place. Our sources in CDHRF's branch in Skėnderaj say that they are trying to inform the relatives as soon as possible, but keeping in mind the difficult circumstances (last night there were shootings from snipers), they find it very difficult to accomplish this.

The victims, taken from the Serb police at the Prishtina morgue, like the ones from the Likoshan massacre, a week ago, have not been subjected to autopsy.

"Koha Ditore" was informed in Skėnderaj that the identification of the victims will be very difficult, because they are severely disfigured.